CWSI® (Commercial Wireless Systems International) is unlike any fire protection service available on today’s market. CWSI, made by Tyco, offers a line of state-of-the-art wireless fire alarm systems that are trusted and secure. Perfect for facilities that don’t want to rewire an entire building, especially workable for historical applications. The CWSI system has all the power of a wired system with the convenience of wireless.

Offering standalone technology with AC power loss backup and hardware fault crossover, this system is perfect for campus systems of standalone units or a hybrid panel. CWSI systems are also a great fit for environmental monitoring and control and a vast scale of emergency management systems. To view more about CWSI, check out this video.

DGH Electric is proud to be one of only a few licensed contractors and dealers of CWSI technology. Our relationship with CWSI in the Midwest area ensures CWSI systems are being installed and maintained according to strict specifications.

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